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Dr. Yashasvi Bansal has an outstanding experience as an Orthopaedic surgeon in Osteotomy. He has performed so many surgeries and even has top-notch experience as a Joint replacement surgeon in the Knee, Hip, and Shoulder. By knowing all effective techniques, you can consult Dr. Yashasvi Bansal for Robotic Knee Replacement surgery. You can discuss with him related to Sports medicine and Arthroscopy because he has a great experience in this too.

Dr. Yashasvi Bansal is working as a Permanent Consultant at ITM Hospital. He is running a Prime Specialty clinic in Gwalior . He has also worked at Parmanand Special surgery hospital for six months. Ultimately, he can manage Trauma emergencies and OPD.

He has handled so many operations as a Senior resident in-

  • KDMC Mathura
  • CNBC Hospital in New Delhi
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital in New Delhi
  • Gajra Raja Medical College in Gwalior

What is Osteotomy?

Osteotomy is a surgical technique performed by the Orthopaedic surgeon that helps the patient to cut and reshape the bone. Surgeons perform this surgery for the purpose to repair a damaged joint. Osteotomy surgery is not fixed for people over 50 years old. People of all ages can go with Osteotomy surgery. One of the most common reasons for Osteotomy surgery is Osteoarthritis for Hip joints and Knee joints. By consulting with an experienced surgeon, he will reduce the pressure from the joint which was damaged and give you a severe pain.

All types of Osteotomy

There are around 6 types of Osteotomy:

  • Knee: When a kneecap is giving severe pain and even arthritis is stopping you from doing normal activities then you need Knee Osteotomy surgery. The doctor will cut and reshape both the tibia and femur.
  • Hip: Consult with the best surgeon of Osteotomy that will reshape your hip socket and will cover the ball of your Hip joint.
  • Jaw: Surgeons of Orthopaedics also have experience in moving the lower jaw of a patient into a new position.
  • Spine: In this Spine Osteotomy, the best surgeon is adept at correcting a swayback and minus a hunchback.
  • Big Toe: Straight your big toe and stop it from jamming into the other toe by getting in touch with a skillful Orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Chin: Looking for a broad or square chin? An Osteotomy Chin surgery can help you with this.