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Joint Replacement (Knee & Hip) Surgery

Joint Replacement (Knee & Hip) Surgery

Dr Yashasvi Bansal has an amazing experience as a Joint Replacement surgeon in Gwalior. You can consult him for Knee, Hip, and Shoulder Joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Yashasvi Bansal has done enormous surgeries with a high success rate. Best of all, you can get in touch with him for Arthroscopy and Sports medicines.

Dr. Yashasvi Bansal is popular even for Robotic Knee replacement surgery and knows all modern techniques to help patients. To better recover in less time, he is the best surgeon for your operation. Ultimately, he can manage Trauma emergencies, OPD, and Ward.

He is now working in ITM Hospital as a Permanent Consultant and running his own “Prime Specialty clinic” clinic in Gwalior. He was a Senior resident in various hospitals such as Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital in New Delhi, CNBC Hospital in New Delhi, KDMC Matura, and so on. Dr. Yashasvi Bansal has attended numerous workshops and conferences:

  • Pune Trauma course in Pune
  • PG Teaching course
  • Foot and Ankle course in New Delhi
  • High tibial Osteotomy course in New Delhi

What is Joint Replacement surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery, also known as Joint arthroplasty, helps you remove the damaged joints and replace them with a prosthesis that allows the limb to move. A Limb will move with zero per cent pain and no limitation. Also, prostheses are made up of metal and plastic. Well, only an orthopaedic surgeon who has wonderful expertise can do Joint replacement surgery.

When you need Joint replacement surgery, there is severe pain in the joint and severe arthritis that halts your everyday activity. Also, when pain medications and physiotherapy are not helping you then it is better to meet the orthopaedic doctor for your Joint replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery

In this surgery, a professional Orthopaedic doctor will replace the injured knee with an artificial joint or prosthesis. There are three types of Knee replacement:

  • Total Knee replacement
  • Partial Knee replacement
  • Complex Knee replacement

In the case of Total Knee replacement, the surgeon will remove the damaged surface of the thigh bone and shin bone. The whole joint will not get removed here. The surgeon also removed the underside of the kneecap. It will be replaced with artificial parts.

The doctors will go with Partial Knee replacement if only one part of the knee is damaged by arthritis. In this type of Knee joint replacement surgery, the recovery time is less and you will not stay in the hospital for long.

If there is a major bone loss because of arthritis or deformity of the knee you will go with Complex knee replacement surgery. When you are coming for the second or third time for the same knee, the doctor will go with this type of Knee replacement.

Hip replacement surgery

It is also popular with Hip Arthroplasty. Here the Hip replacement surgeon will address the hip pain by replacing the part of the hip joint with artificial implants. The only intent of doctors here is to start your normal activity once again with zero per cent pain. There are three types of Hip joint surgery-

  • Total Hip replacement
  • Partial Hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing

The first is Total hip replacement where the surgeon will remove the hip joint and replace it with a hip implant. This whole procedure will be performed as a half replacement or else a total replacement.

The second one is Partial hip replacement where the surgeon will not replace the socket of the hip joint. In this procedure, the surgeon will replace the ball of the joint. This type of Hip joint replacement surgery is prevalent.

Hip resurfacing is mostly done on youngsters who are facing hip pain. This type of hip surgery will take less bone from the joint.