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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Archana Goyal has a vast experience as a Laparoscopic surgeon and Infertility specialist. She has an awesome experience as a Gynaecologist and IVF treatment (In Vitro Fertilization). For treating female reproductive health, Dr. Archana Goyal is one of the leading Obsterisk surgeons and has an experience of over a decade. She was a Senior resident in multiple hospitals such as:

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital in New Delhi
  • AIIMS Hospital in Bhopal
  • Gandhi Medical College in Bhopal

Dr. Archana Goyal can perform Abdominal hysterectomy, Vaginal hysterectomy, NDVH, and Caesarean section independently. Currently, Dr. Archana Goyal is working at ITM Hospital as a visiting consultant. She is also running Prime Specialty clinic in Gwalior.

What is Laparoscopic surgery?

One of the top-most surgical techniques where a thin, camera-equipped surgical device gets inserted into the abdomen or pelvis. All this would be possible through 1 or 2 small incisions. It helps the surgeon to see a real-time video of internal organs on monitors related to surgery. This surgery is also called Minimally Invasive surgery. Even the surgeons call it Laparoscopy.

Purpose of Minimally Invasive surgery

  • Biopsy
  • Removing a blood clot
  • Obstruction relief
  • Tear repair
  • Tumor resection
  • Removal of Inflamed Gallbladder

You also require Laparoscopic surgery for controlling a bleeding blood vessel too. In this advanced surgery, the patient does not need to stay fret about infection and contamination. The risk chance of both these is very low. There are some great advantages related to Laparoscopic surgery such as no high rate of incisional hernias, no risk of hemorrhaging, etc. The patient’s recovery time is less and you will not stay for long in the hospital if taking the best medical facilities under a skillful Laparoscopy surgeon.

There are multiple Laparoscopic surgeries. Your experienced doctor must know all these and always provide great solutions to your problem.

  • Appendectomy
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Gastric repair
  • Diaphragm Repair
  • Bariatric procedures
  • Removal or repair of spleen
  • Lung Biopsy or removal of tissue
  • Esophagus repair
  • Removal of liver tissue

Dr. Archana Goyal is the best surgeon for your Laparoscopic surgery in Gwalior as she is the most trusted doctor for this surgery. She knows all the intuitive techniques to complete surgery hassle-free. As per her great experience, you can expect outstanding medical services. She can do advanced surgical treatment.